City Center Access Project

Online Open House

Project Overview

This online open house is about a proposed interchange modification with an overcrossing at S 324th Street and extended I-5 access ramps serving S 320th Street and S 324th Street.
The comment period closed on Monday, October 14. We will present a summary of the comments from this open house at the Federal Way City Council meeting on November 5. The City Council will vote to confirm the proposed solution by the end of the year.

What is the Problem?

Traffic on S 320th Street west of Interstate 5 (I-5) is set to increase by 1,600 vehicles during the afternoon peak hour in the next 25 years. Federal Way, one of the Puget Sound region’s ten fastest growing cities, is experiencing rapid growth that results in clogged local streets that back up traffic on I-5.

If we don’t implement a solution, congestion will limit access and mobility on S 320th Street between Pacific Highway S and Military Road S and the ramps to and from I-5.

What is the Solution?

We set out to find a solution that will make it easier for people to travel into, out of and around the City Center now, and in the future. A successful solution will improve quality of life and the city’s economic vitality by:

  • Improving mobility for people traveling by car, transit, bike, or walking by decreasing congestion on S 320th Street
  • Maintaining or improving access to and from the City Center
  • Providing opportunities for traffic to travel around rather than through the city core

Federal Way is already growing, and more housing and jobs are planned in the City Center. The solution on the next page considers the population and development expected in 2045.

We’re Listening to You

In 2018 and 2019, we heard from the community and revised our potential options based on your feedback (learn more on the project website). Use this website to learn about our proposed solutions and what’s next.